What They Look Like

How Jesus Talks

This is a description of how Jesus speaks to me. Most of the time, I hear his voice in my head, even if I’m looking right at him. He explains himself some in this video as to why he does that.
I would love to know what it’s like when you hear God: how do you hear from him? Everyone’s experience is unique.

We Are All “Shiny” in Jesus

We are all ‘Shiny’ from Dakota Lee on Vimeo.

What Does the Holy Spirit Look Like

The first time I saw him was at a Women’s Conference at church. I had been seeing Heaven for 2 years already, so it was a special occasion.

The Clothing of God

God gave me this message seconds before the camera turned on. This is a video about different aspects of His clothing and what it means for us, His people.

What Does God Look Like

So, what does God look like? There are so many aspects to Him, with this video focusing on His clothes, smile and eyes.

What Does a Basic Guard Angel Look Like

It’s very hard to give a basic description of an angel because they are so diverse in looks. This angel is the type you usually find around you, protecting you. Enjoy!

What Does Jesus Look Like

This is probably the most asked question I get when it comes to seeing in the Spirit. What Jesus wears, a little of His personality, even to how He has His hair…is all here. Enjoy!