I’m Back on the Heaven Blog!

Back on the Heaven Blog from Dakota Lee on Vimeo.

Dakota’s History

The shortest synopsis possible of my spiritual growth and development with Heaven. From my initial vision at 4 years old, to imaginary friends, to youth camp and my first visit to Heaven, through to today, the important stuff is all here. This video will hopefully give you a good view on where I’ve been and where the Heaven Blog is in my timeline with God. Enjoy!!

Welcome to The Heaven Blog!

Introduction to The Heaven Blog from Mary-Ellen Lee on Vimeo.

Heaven is alive and real today, but not many people know about it. The Heaven Blog is a place where you can learn all about what Heaven is, who Jesus is, what God and the Holy Spirit look like and more, through the eyes of Dakota Lee, a 15 year old anointed with the gift of spiritual sight. We hope you enjoy!