What Does a Basic Guard Angel Look Like

It’s very hard to give a basic description of an angel because they are so diverse in looks. This angel is the type you usually find around you, protecting you. Enjoy!

The Subject of Ghosts

When it comes to ‘spiritual stuff’, one of the first things people think about are ghosts. So, whats the real deal? Do they exist? Why do people talk about them so much? What about demons? This video goes over what is truly out there, and how God views them. Hope you guys enjoy!

Intro. to Angels

Angels are an extremely vast topic to take on, so these are just the basics: do you become an angel when you die, what is their purpose on Earth vs. their purpose in Heaven, and a few extra stuff. Don’t worry; this isn’t it. This intro to angels is as short as I could make it, and there’s tons more to come.

Telling the Difference, Demons vs. Angels

This video holds information that I live by today, and is super important in telling the difference between demons and angels. Looks can be deceiving, on both sides, and knowing this one question, plus what all of the answers mean, will keep you safe when it comes to things of the Spirit. Just because a spirit talks to you doesn’t mean you should trust them. This is one of the most important videos I’m going to post, so please listen and enjoy!