Talking With God (The Meaning of Life)

God has been working with me on these ideas/concepts for a long time, and I still don’t have it down but here’s the beginning of how to really walk with Him.


2 Responses to Talking With God (The Meaning of Life)

  • CRYSTAL says:

    You said that God made an exception on your behalf. I thought that God was one that stood by his convictions on things and that he changes not.

  • Ali says:

    Jim Randall:In my experience, I agree that deamrs are rare. I seldom think about my deamrs being from God, because the ones I have had (that were from Him) had different implications that, at the time, were not obvious (to me).I believe most are from random events of the day mixed with issues that are going on in our lives.I’m glad that God can speak/communicate through deamrs because it may be the only way I can’t mess it up. I think

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