What Does the Holy Spirit Look Like

The first time I saw him was at a Women’s Conference at church. I had been seeing Heaven for 2 years already, so it was a special occasion.


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  • crimit says:


  • Raphael says:

    I believe that you saw the real Holy Spirit

    I also want to tell you that the Holy Spirit is your mother. You know this is true since you met her at a womens conference.

    This is a secret and bible versions have been changed.

  • KarOl says:

    小弟在上次判決後龔仁心出來說天地有正氣時也是想知道英文是怎麼翻譯剛剛也是在英文湖報找到 今次讀完兄台文章即時用了 Windows 的bing translation 翻譯全文 Bing 用了 World has riehseousngts 用 Google 翻譯則慘被譯成 Heaven and earth are upright

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