The Clothing of God

God gave me this message seconds before the camera turned on. This is a video about different aspects of His clothing and what it means for us, His people.


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  • We heard this beautiful song sung by the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team during their visit at Kirtland Bethel Bible Church. The words, music, and voices are so beautiful that I had to share it. :) GOD OF HEAVEN Words and Music by Heather Sorenson God of Heaven, God of all the earth and sky. Great Creator, Master of all nature. Who gives birth to snow from heaven, Holds the waves at ocean’s edge, Gives the orders to the morning, Shows each dawn its place to shine? God of Heaven, God of all the earth and sky. God of Ages, God who wrote the Book of Time. Sovereign Ruler, Alpha and Omega. Saints before, He’s guided safely. History’s pages signed by Him. Author of our days and hours; Things to come are held secure. God of Ages, Alpha and Omega. God of Power! God who breaks the darkness. Righteous Warrior, Champion of His children, Goes before us into battle; Good and evil bow to Him, Those in bondage freed forever, Victories won at His command! God who heals us, God who gives us peace and hope. God who listens, Carries all our fragile Dreams and heartaches, wins and failures; Binds the broken; hides the weak. New beginnings freely offered; Who can make us whole again? God who heals us, God of Power, God of Ages, God of Heaven, God of all the earth and sky.

  • idebenone says:

    When I first met the Christians in Myanmar ten years ago, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. They all seemed to be perfect disciples. But over the years as I’ve become more familiar with the saints here, I’ve realized that they fight, and often yield to, the same temptations that plague saints elsewhere.

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