What Does a Basic Guard Angel Look Like

It’s very hard to give a basic description of an angel because they are so diverse in looks. This angel is the type you usually find around you, protecting you. Enjoy!


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  • Shayla says:

    Humm that is interesting, I would love to hear more about the specifics of how it works in terms of them (angels) being spirit beings (in the way we as humans think about it) and how it translates into how they fight with actual weapons. I always thought they would fight but it would be in some super-spiritual way that I never thought of. So for you to mention about literal swords, shields, etc. that just blows my mind! Also, the coloring of these particular “guard” angels as gold/yellowish is this simply their acutal color as we think of skin color or is it like the glory of God coming forth off of them or somethings else? This is all so cool. I am so excited to even be able to explore some of these things. This blog is getting me to think deeper and reflect more on God, who He is, and how He does things. Thank you sooo much!

    • Dar says:

      There have been countless drmaes in my life that never came true but this very one DID, to have a caring wonderful sister like you honey who always reaches out to others for support and love.I feel so blessed to have you Io. ♥✿Thank you so much.✿♥

    • Xavier says:

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  • Gudrun says:

    Hey I located your blog by mistake when i searched Bing for this issue, I have to say your blog is totally helpful I also seriously like the theme, its good!

    • Rancho says:

      God gave Adam and Eve the gift of the Holy Spirit when God Breathe the breath of life in Adams ntisrols that was actually the blood that give us life today, you can look up blood and breath in the Strong’s concordance, the Angles where made to worship God, Adam and Eve where blessed with a human Soul.

    • Shani says:

      A message from David to Daddy Ronald and Mommy DaiseDaddy plsaee don’t look so sadMommy plsaee don’t cryCause I am in the arms of Jesusand He sings me lullabies.Please try not to question GodDon’t think He is unkindDon’t think he sent me to youAnd then he changed his mind.You see, I am a special ChildAnd I am needed up aboveI’m the special gift you gave to himThe product of your love.I’ll always be there with youAnd watch the sky at nightFind the brightest star that’s gleamingThat’s my halo shining bright.You’ll se me in the morning frostThat mists your windowpaneThat’s me, in the summer showersI’ll be dancing in the rain.When you feel a gentle breezeFrom a gentle wind that blowsThat’s me! I’ll be therePlanting a kiss upon your nose.When you see a child playingAnd your heart feels a little tugThat’s me! I’ll be thereGiving your heart a hug.So, Daddy plsaee don’t look so sadMommy don’t you cryI’m in the arms of JesusAnd He sings me lullabies.

    • Saud says:

      My dear new friend, you had a mhoetr’s love and light. They know their time has come, and they try to let us down gently’ . You are blessed, that you are intuitive and know’ the light about to mitigate.’ I dare say, you gave’ her. more time of your life, just to love her a little bit more. I did this also. And a kind of peace is inspired. I had to let her go but now I know, love is always there. She is always around. And in YOU, she lives ON> Peace be in your heart. Momma’ would tell you so. Amnaste dear friend. x

  • Shannon says:

    It is a problem I have to find more information about, appreciation for the blog post.

    • Erol says:

      My experience with the peudulnm felt like I was in touch with another world. We were fortunate to be in the company of a few trusting, soulful and loving individuals who provided tremendous faith and support. Angel Anviur explained the details with complete sensitivity as she bridged’ the spiritual world with the physical. We each got an opportunity to participate with specific questions that pertained to each of our lives. It was intensely exciting!

    • Evelin says:

      That’s a great dedication to a great freind! Beautiful song by Abba, awesome images and you’ ve made a great job here, dear Io! All thumbs up and a sky full of stars *smile* ♥*a8)b8.•b4b8.•*b4a8) b8.*♥a8)(b8.b4♥ (b8.• .huggies Lena

    • Jose says:

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  • Christie says:

    Gefaellt mir gut der Blog. Tolle Themenwahl.

    • Niit says:

      Angels are created bengis, just like A E, but angels are in spirit form, do not know what salvation is ( due to their not sinning and not having to be saved ).If you want further info, look at Dr. David Jeremiah’s website he just completed a vey extensive study on the angels of Scripture

    • Masum says:

      DAVID’s Journey is Just BegunDon’t think of him as gone away,his journey’s just begun.Life holds so many faetcs,this earth is only one.Just think of him as restingfrom the sorrows and the tears.In a place of warmth and comfortwhere there are no days and years.Think how he must be wishingthat we could know today,how nothing but our sadnesscan really pass away.And think of him as livingin the hearts of those he touched for nothing loved is ever lostand he was loved so much!

    • Fnu says:

      Seriously the best day- thank you for having me join you- it was an honor to get to spend most the day with them and you. You’re the best and these imeags are truly beautiful, Shelly! XOXO!

  • Raphael says:

    The angels need people to speak the word of God before they can fight for us. If we dont confess the truth then they are left powerless, they sit there thinking “Hurry up, I want to bash that devil, but I cant unless the Father gives me permission” and they will not.

  • Raphael says:

    They dont always need us to speak it, but in some way to be observing the truth, and actively pursuing a ife of holiness.

    In fact consider the alternative, if we do not live holy, instead of being given angels we would be given demons, just like Saul who was given a distressing spirit. Instead of being uplifted we would be cursed, for demons are the spirits of curses and angels the spirits of blessings.

  • Daniela Radford says:

    When are you going to post more videos? I am waiting for them patiently… Thanks, God bless you.

  • Chris Parsley says:

    My son Ethan had visions of what he called fairies after a life threatening surgury when he was eleven years old. He told us later that when he said fairies, he meant Angels. Much of this is details in a book I just published on amazon called Chris’s Crosses. It relates how God speaks to us through signs if we pay attention. For more information please follow this link. http://www.amazon.com/Chriss-Crosses-ebook/dp/B006RKJM3I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325598765&sr=8-1#_

  • Maman says:

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