Old Jerusalem

New Jerusalem is the city of today in Heaven, but there’s another city now abandoned, called Old Jerusalem. This video has my experience there, and information on what it was for, and who lived there. Enjoy!


4 Responses to Old Jerusalem

  • Susan says:

    These videos are really interesting. What a great glipse of Heaven. When does God give you these blessings? At night? During prayer? Just curious! Keep up the great work in your anointing for the Kingdom.

  • Utkarshini says:

    I too believe the world would be a much btteer place if we were all prepared to resolutely commit to whatever He demands of us. He displays such love for the world in this love that is beyond our understanding and yet we are the recipients of it. I was reading about this in my devotions this morning and could not help but ask Him for a deeper love for Him and for others. His purpose was to draw all men unto Him and I too must do my part in purposely telling others of His love for them and the purpose of His resolute commitment.

  • Masyhuri says:

    in Gods word about HIS HESED ,religious freedom came from OUR LORD YESHUA,OMEN BLESS our JUDEO CHRISTIAN LOVE AFFAIRE WE Shirlie an i would love t know the best way we can help our IDF sldoiers,we thought of you Sarah first , if any one knows you certainly do.So thank you for your help on this sincere desire ,thank you very much broric Love In Yeshua Hamaschiach us.

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