The Subject of Ghosts

When it comes to ‘spiritual stuff’, one of the first things people think about are ghosts. So, whats the real deal? Do they exist? Why do people talk about them so much? What about demons? This video goes over what is truly out there, and how God views them. Hope you guys enjoy!


6 Responses to The Subject of Ghosts

  • xxx tube says:

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    • Kuss says:

      God created Adam and then Eve. We’re not told about the criteaon of angels, but they are mentioned many times in Scripture. Their existence is Assumed. God simply created the angelic world at a different time than man with completely different roles in the universe. Angels are mentioned as being God’s messengers to us here on earth. There are guardian angels / seriphim / archangels, etc. There was an angel at the tomb after Jesus Christ rose from the dead and talked to first disciples who were there. It’s really a fascinating area to study.

    • Pebbles says:

      Your’s is the intelligent aprpoach to this issue.

    • Naser says:

      Shoot, so that’s that one suosspep.

  • Grant James says:

    You have the wrong idea of what Purgatory is. Purgatory is not a state in which spirits or

    • Grant James says:

      Comment got cut off :(

      Anyway. Purgatory is a state of being a Christian goes to for further purification after death. It is not located on the earth. Christians go there, not people who got left behind or neutral spirits or whatever you were referring to. So in other words you said that you have to choose heaven or hell, God or Satan. Yes, you do but when you are a Christian, sin still hurts our relationship with Christ. Its always our fault, not God’s. St. Paul says that there will be a final purification. He talks about the Christian who will make it into Heaven by fire. It is possible to go straight to Heaven, but some of us die without being totally pure. If you go to Purgatory, you are still saved. So tell me by saying Purgatory does not exist throws out all of Catholic Christianity (the worlds biggest Christian denomination), all of Orthodoxy (second biggest). You automatically cancel most of the worlds Christians…that a big no no. Do you even believe that Catholics are in Heaven??? I’m interested to hear what you have to say.

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