Dakota’s History

The shortest synopsis possible of my spiritual growth and development with Heaven. From my initial vision at 4 years old, to imaginary friends, to youth camp and my first visit to Heaven, through to today, the important stuff is all here. This video will hopefully give you a good view on where I’ve been and where the Heaven Blog is in my timeline with God. Enjoy!!


6 Responses to Dakota’s History

  • AlishaTV says:

    I think your blog is incredible and you are amazing. You are filled with God’s light, just watching the first video, it is evident. Your stories simply validate all that I believe…God = Love. They also give me a glimpse of the spiritual world that isn’t seen by many. Thank you Dakota for being brave, even at your young age and sharing the visions he has shown you. Thank you God for showing her these visions. Now we too can know what Heaven is like thru the eyes of one who has seen it! I am subscribing and I look forward to watching each and every video!!!

  • Shayla says:

    I’m learning tons, this is sooo great!!! I have a question…do our pets get to go to heaven too?

  • Daniela Radford says:

    Dear Dekota, your blogs revivaled my relationship with God, they mean so much to me, please ,please make some more! I could listen to you going on about this things for hours, I could never get bored!

  • Helene says:

    Love this !!!!


  • Rocky says:

    Your hostney is like a beacon

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